Introduction to hand-building techniques

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The course takes  four days 

Day one: 3,5 hours

Day two: 2 hours 

Day three: 3 hours in Open Studio Session

Day four: 3 hours in Open Studio Session 

Price: 1500 DKK/person

Day one: Theoretical introduction to clay and materials used in ceramics craft, you will be taught 3 different hand-building techniques (pinch/slab/coil) by modeling your own design of the tableware. You come up with the design of the cup and we will show you the way for its construction. On the first day, you will create 3- 5 pieces of tableware (cups/plates/bowls).

Day two: You will be taught how to trim and work with the pieces you have made on the first day.

Day three: Book the date in Open Studio Sessions and practice all the techniques you have been taught during the workshop days. Working on your own ideas. Open Studio does not offer formal instruction or supervision by us. However, we will surely give you some advice or help. 

500g of clay included.

Day four: Book the Open Studio Session and glaze all your pieces or continue making more and more pottery.

Material and firings are included in the price.

Your ceramics work will be fired in the Studio.

At the end of the workshop, you will end up with  4-8 pieces of tableware made by you.


After the workshop, you can book a spot in Open Studio and continue making pottery every week.  

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17. - 18.9. + Open Studio days

Sat>12:00-15:00 & Sun>10:30-12:30

+2 days in Open Studio according to your schedule

1. - 2.10. + Open Studio days

Sat>10:30-14:00 & Sun>10:30-12:30

+2 days in Open Studio according to your schedule

Workshops by request during the summer holidays

( 1.7. - 1.9. )


Request an individual date for a group of min 3 people.

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This workshop is recommended for beginners, those, who have no or very little experience with clay. We will introduce you to different types of clay, tools and show you ground hand-building techniques. 


The introduction class focuses on key hand-building techniques including pinch, coil, and slab construction.

You will learn how to transform an idea to practice and how to build, shape, trim & dry ceramics properly.



All our workshops have always max. 4 participants 

If you are a group of 3- 4 people you can book the whole workshop and get an individual date, which fits your schedule. Write us request.

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