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Mould Making Workshop

At this workshop, you will be taught the basics of plaster mould-making, how to set up your mould, how to correctly mix and pour plaster and make single-piece moulds for slab work or slip casting.

Molds are negative forms that are used to shape casting materials, creating duplicates of the model (object) the mold was made from. The resulting cast will be an exact likeness of the shape of the hollow mold form.


In ceramics, plaster molds are used for creating the same copies of the designed piece using the slip (liquid clay) or slabs to produce bowls, cups, plates, and more. In this way, you can create a series of tableware of the same shape.


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Duration is 3 days.

1.Day - 3 hours

2. Day - 2 hours

3.Open Studio Session

Price: 1200 DKK

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Day one: Introduction to plaster molds & working with the plaster. Modeling the shape of your piece in clay. Setting up plaster mold, getting familiar with the technique. Making the cup by using studio molds.

Day two: Emptying and shaping own mold and trimming the pieces from the previous day.

Day three: Open Studio Session gives you aces to our studio during open hours where you can work with your form and create your ceramics pieces without supervision.

Material is included in the price.


Write us a mail to book the spot.


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4. - 5.2. + Open Studio days

Sat>14:00-17:00 & Sun>17:00-19:00

+1 day in Open Studio according to your schedule

11. - 12.3. + Open Studio days

Sat>13:30-16:30 & Sat>12:00-14:00

+2 days in Open Studio according to your schedule

All our workshops have max. 4 participants 

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