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Individual Wheel Throwing Class 

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The course takes  three days 2:15 hours 2:15 hours 2:15 hours 

Price: 1600 DKK

This course is an individual (one teacher and one student) wheel throwing class for beginners.

During the course, you will acquire experiences and learn how to form the clay on a potters wheel and create your own ceramics.

The first session is focused on introducing basic techniques of wheel throwing - you will learn how to wedge the clay and center it on the wheel. After you will be introduced to techniques, tips, and tricks on how to form the clay to shape you want.  


During the second session, you will learn how to trim the pieces made in the last session and practice the craft with the teacher's close assistance.


In the 3rd class, you will be practicing the learned techniques on the wheel with the teacher's assistance. 

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Your finished pieces will be fired in our Studio. Material and both firings are included in price.

Your ceramics will be glazed by the teacher or there is a possibility to book sessions for Open Studio and glaze the ceramics by yourself. 

After the course, you can take some sessions in our Open Studio and practice learned techniques.


Send us a request.

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