Estet Flower Manifesto


Ephemerality, fragileness, and inconstancy are the essential reasons, why flowers lure us.


At heart, we are creating our bouquets from wildflowers and field weed, collected at meadows, applying natural materials found in local environment or making their combination with cut flowers from our farm, where we grow flowers pest-free on organic principles.


Enthralled by sublime, seduced by beauty of decay.


Sudden beauty of desolate flower can impress us more than thousand of roses.


Our interest is purely aesthetical and sensual. Main expression methods are based on minimalism.

Our flowers whisper. Inside every bouquet, one can find fragment of poetry. Lines are mostly abstract, uncertain, gloomy or absurd. Any promising nor idealistic wishes can't be found.


Ny Vestergade 9
1471 Copenhagen


00 45 536 424 61

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Our services include conceptual flower arrangements/objects for cafes, bars, studios and other public spaces.


We also provide special themed concepts for events, galleries and spaces in a form of installation, performance or exhibitions.


We are always open to collaborate on interesting projects and  with individuals.

If you do not have interesting project, please, do not contact us. Insanely conceptual, extremly sustainable.

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