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Open Studio Sessions

Open Studio Sessions provide you a spot in our ceramic studio where you can work on your own design. You will get a place to work & ceramics tools and machines to use + clay. Sessions are designed for those who already have at least some experience with pottery and need a place to work on their own ideas.


Open Studio Sessions does not offer formal instruction or supervision by us. However, we can give you some advice or help. 







You will get 4 sessions

of a 3hours duration.

Price: 1350 DKK 

Clay (1kg), tools, studio glazes

and two firings incl.




png tools ceramics-18.png
png tools ceramics-15.png
png tools ceramics-16.png

You can use your 4 sessions within the 2 months starting with your first session. During the 4 sessions, one gets 1kg of clay and access to a throwing wheel, slab roller, studio plaster moulds, dip studio glazes & underglazes + the possibility to bisque and glaze fire ceramics made during sessions (all incl. in price).


One can always purchase more clay in the studio.

During the Open Studio Sessions, you can use a pottery wheel. Booking in advance is required. 


The available body of clay>

Black stoneware 

0,2mm/0,5mm chamotte,

White stoneware (25%chamotte; 0,2mm/without chamotte),


Lava stoneware 

(25% chamotte; 0,2mm). 

Write us a mail to book the spot. 


12.4. (Fri) 18:00-21:00

14.4. (Sun) 12:00-15:00

16.4. (Tue) 18:00-21:00

19.4. (Fri) 18:00-21:00

21.4. (Sun) 11:00-14:00

23.4. (Tue) 18:00-21:00

24.4. (Wed) 17:00-20:00

26.4. (Fri) 18:00-21:00

1.5. (Wed) 18:00-21:00

For updates follow us on


png tools ceramics-21.png
png tools ceramics-17.png
png tools ceramics-24.png
png tools ceramics-23.png
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