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Teapot Wheel Throwing Workshop 

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The course takes two days 3:15 hours 3:15 hours 

Price: 1800 DKK

This workshop is designed for those who are advanced or have basic skills in wheel throwing. In this workshop, you will learn how to make teapot and its   parts on the wheel. During these classes, you will be shown how to create more complicated shapes on the wheel. In two days of the workshop, you will be guided through designing, throwing, and assembling a functional teapot.


First day

On the first day, you will be taught how to throw different parts of the teapot(body, spout, lid, and etc).

Second day

On the second day, you will be guided through the process of trimming and attachment of all the parts that have been thrown on day one. 


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Your finished pieces will be fired in our Studio. Material and both firings are included in the price.

Your teapot will be glazed by the teacher or there is a possibility to book Open Studio Session and glaze the piece by yourself. 

After the course, you can take some sessions in our Open Studio and practice learned techniques.

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Request the date

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