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slow flower movement 
BA project based on research of current floral industry, which revealed immense problem with over pest usage on flowers.

Initial idea to collect waste flowers from flower shops and proceed them further in sustainable ways became not able to accomplish and revealed the second insight, that there is no awareness about this issue.




#short movie

Goal: To create the awareness about the residual pesticides in current flower industry. By using methods from sustainable fashion (natural dye etc.) pointing out at need for urgent change in the field, which is not regulated and quite forgotten in all discussions concerning sustainable, slow life.










In order to things move a bit we tried to create awareness by short fashion movie where we merged our specialities and produced material creating awareness about issue.

#design process


Our focal point in the beginning was to recycle floral waste, to extend the life of a flower and give it a new meaning by creating a new material or a product.


After making interviews with shop owners we confirmed our assumptions, that there are large amounts of floral waste, which goes straight to the dumpsters with no special composting methods.


We were collecting the floral waste, experimenting with material in the lab, until we started to have allergic reactions.


That led us to second desk research, which revealed the uncountable pesticides, that are used in cultivated flower industry to be more persistent while transporting and fulfill the regulation for the export.


The long distances flowers travel creates more need for the flowers to include pests and causes pollution by transportation.


The issue we are facing today is horrific. Our ecosystem is damaged by the intensive usage of chemicals and people do not realize that having those flowers home can be a cause of many health problems.

We created special flowers bags made with natural dye. The bags were meant as a practical companion for carrying the flowers and support the Slow Flower Movement by making it attractive and easy to pick your own flowers. 

#flower bags

-sustainable reusable flower packaging

-multifunctional purpose

-colored with natural dye (avocado,onion)

-created from the fabric leftovers 

-packaging supports our concept of sustainable consumption and slow- flower movement 

hold the flowers in the place, not damaging them while picking new ones or while transporting the flowers 

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