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This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as those interested in Japanese traditional craft. 

Learn the traditional Japanese hand building technique of Kurinuki with us in one day workshop.


Kurinuki is a subtractive method that involves carving, hollowing and shaping from a solid block of clay, resulting in unique organic vessels. This process is very intuitive and immersive.

Kurinuki is sculptural way of working with clay transitioning into the creation of functional pottery.

This method embodies an intuitive and spontaneous approach to working with clay. Instead of focusing on symmetry and precision, the emphasis is primarily on letting the form develop intuitively, allowing the lines of the shape to emerge organically throughout the creative process.


After the workshop, your piece will be glazed and fired in our studio. If you prefer to glaze your piece you can come to our studio during Open Studio hours and glaze your piece by yourself. 

Firing clay and glazing of your finished piece are included in the price. 

This workshop is recommended also for team-building and private booking.

Japanese Kurinuki Workshop

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