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Make your own cup at home. Home Clay Kit contains 500g of stoneware clay, sea sponge, trimming tool and graphical guidance for making a cup by pinch technique. Pick up/order your clay kit and bring us the cup/object and we will fire and glaze it for you. Base package contains aproximately 450-500g of clay.








Stoneware Clay with the Pieces of Lava Stone

This clay is very durable and contains little pieces of lava stone formed by lava erupted from a volcano. If this clay is fired on high temperature - the stones melts and create many little freckles on the body of ceramics. 


Stoneware Black Clay Body 

This clay is very durable as it contains lot of chamotte, which makes the clay very strong. On the first glimpse clay has grey color, though, if fired over 1200 degrees- as its body getting denser it changes the color and becoming darker. Clay is perfect for creating  sculptural, raw work where one wants to enhance the beauty of the unglazed body of clay. 



Home Clay Kit.

  • Pick up at Estet Open Studio, Ny Vestergade 9,1471, Copenhagen K. 

  • 400-500g

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