Introduction to Clay

Introduction to Clay is the perfect introductory workshop for anyone who is curious about ceramics or would like to refresh their knowledge of the various techniques used to create in clay. The workshop is part lecture, part workshop where we discuss the properties of various clays, their features, stages, firing process, all while trying out and learning about almost every sculpting and texture adding technique.

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Duration: 4 hours

Price: 750DKK

You will get 0,5kg of stoneware to work with.

You will learn:

- the differences between the various types of clay

- how to wedge your clay

- the three main hand-building techniques used to sculpt clay

- theory on four popular techniques used to shape clay

- texture-adding techniques

- how to avoid common mistakes, that may lead to cracking or explosion of your pieces


The focus of this workshop is to explore and learn, which is why the focus on creating a finished piece is wilfully taken away.


The aim of this workshop is to build your confidence when working with clay, all while building appreciation for the craft and the material.


After the workshop, if you will have decided not to fire any of the pieces you’ve made during it, you can take the clay home with you for further experimenting at home.


Firing, clay and glazing of your finished piece is included in the price. 

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23.7. (Sat) 10:00-14:00


For other time slots, please, write a request.

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