Kurinuki is a Japanese form of hand building. It involves using a block of clay and carving the exterior and the interior. It is a more sculptural and instinctual way of working with clay. Rather than symmetry and precision, typical for the pottery made on the wheel, the focus is to evolve impulsively the form, that it is revealed during the making process itself. Since it’s simply a method of building, you can experiment with shaping and texturing options like cutting, paddling, tearing, squeezing, stretching, and carving, in order to reflect your own aesthetic.

Duration is 2 days.

1.Day - 2 hours

2. Day - 2 hours

Price: 650DKK

Part 1: a two hour workshop and we will be focusing on making a bowl in the first hour of the class and a cup in the second hour.

Part 2: (after 3 weeks): We will glaze the creations: we use underglazes and /or pensil glazes.

We will notify you by email when the pieces are ready to be collected. Feel free to bring your own drinks and relax. This is a fun workshop for people at all levels of clay hand building.


Call us, write to us or stop by at Studio for available dates or more information.



New dates for are coming soon!

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